Between the Sea and the Church: Preserving Santa Monica’s Black Community

As we look towards the future of this city, we seek to remember and honor what has gone before – not just houses and buildings, but neighbors, families, and friends that make up the communities and cultures that shape us. In this section, we will focus on the black communities of Santa Monica. Some of this history is unknown or overlooked, but have left an indelible mark on our city. We will delve into the memories of our elders and the history books (as well as the important research of present-day scholars) to explore how these histories continue to influence and shape the people of our community.



Quinn Research Center, Carolyne and Bill Edwards

Local Santa Monica Historian, Robbie Jones

Santa Monica Public Library, Kathy Lo

18th Street Arts Center, Sue Yank Bell

18th Street Arts Center, Jeny Amaya

“Between the Church and the Sea” was researched, written, and designed by Rocio Garcia and Sylvana Gutierrez.



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